Tarot Reading

Tarot- the living energy, works in sync with your wisdom, spiritual path, intellect, career advancement, love, marriage, family, friendships, parent/child and siblings relationship, health or any other area that concerns you.

Soulsvoice interprets tarot energy to the querent in different ways; to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and how you got here; to establish where you want to go and how best to go about it; to begin relationships and improve existing ones; to assist the healing process; even how to access the secrets of your genetic codes. Tarot Readings help to find the seeds of inspiration that can guide your life, also making a divine relationships between past, present & future in mental, emotional & physical spiritual world.

A human mind often swifts to tarot when finds him/her in deep waters with no soluble answers for day to day issues, love life, family, finance, health and professional fronts. Tarot helps you to convert your problematic issues into desired possibilities. The symbology of tarot is a living energy which constantly evolves.

Tarot is a mystical & profound tool of divine which offers us an opportunity to observe the workings of our own soul and the ways in which this affects, and is influenced by, the working of the terrestrial world.

Tarot weaves experiences into wisdom while living your present karmic life, which righteously guides you to surrender to the divine force and completely aware of living karma theory, helping to nullify the accumulated karma debts from many pastimes.

Just as the cellular memory creates the new leaves in trees and the colors of our eyes, human memory creates traditions. Tarot a profound tradition of pictures numbers and symbols, calling you from a world just beyond the everyday - reminding you who you are, and of who you might become.

Tarot through its rich and mystical imagery provides an ideal vehicle for exploring those philosophical, psychological and spiritual questions that are concerned with the purpose of our existence in the world.

There are pertinent and frequently asked questions by many of my dear Querents down these years and the solution are found in Tarot Astral and Soul Readings.

  • Who am I.
  • What is the purpose of my life.
  • Why me always.
  • Where do I stand.
  • What is my learning about this life.
  • What can't I see about my self
  • What is blocking my love life
  • When will I find my true love/lover
  • Is my spouse /friend / lover/ sibling my soul mate
  • Why does my trust waiver in my relationships
  • Is this relationship right for me
  • Why am I ditched despite given 100% to this relation.
  • Why do I keep getting infatuated.
  • Why can't I overcome my past.
  • What is blocking my way to success.
  • Where am I in this relationship.
  • What is my learning about this life.
  • What is blocking my love life.
  • When will I find my true love/lover.
  • Is this relationship right for me.
  • Why do I keep getting infatuated.

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