This helps to remove all negative energies around you and your environment.



This helps to remove all negative energies around you and your environment

This not only removes the ill effect of all Spells & Curses from various lifetimes but shields you from evil eyes and blockages coming your way.

SOULZ VOICE™ products do not harm anyone and are favorable for everyone’s Highest good as they are energized with Divine energy and Conscious Awareness

MYSTIC FEATURES of the Divine product: SOULZ VOICE™ remedies are energized by worshiping The Deities, Powerful Divine Mantra’s Energy, Ancestral and Astral Blessings, Spiritual Guides, Archangels and Angels, Planets and Stars Energy, Elemental Energy, Color Energy, Metals Energy, Mineral Energy, Crystals Energy, Switch Words and Phrases, Healing codes and also invoked Divine Energy of Sacred Herbs, Spices, Essential Oils and Salts.

Imitation of SOULZ VOICE™ Products is a punishable crime. Follow the guidelines by the Energy Healer and experts on the printed leaflet inside the box. (Crystals are energized, keeping their natural shapes and sizes in mind for best results, weight may vary, Conditions Apply)

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