Astral and Soul reading

Astral and Soul reading is an experiential spiritual journey which activates our memories, beliefs and emotions along with quadrants of our soul, creates and assists human mind finding their sacred innerspace.

Astral and soul readings soothens your soul and reweaves your aura, balancing your chakras with infinite deserving energy. Astral and soul readings guide you to a level of understanding, evaluating and experiencing the truth of your needs and personal desires of the terrestrial world and simultaneously makes you more evolved in connecting you to your souls voice.

There are infinite ancient modalities practiced in these times across the globe by infinite beautiful soul, which truly are special in their own ways, giving a different dimension to the living forms on earth. No matter what ever modalities we follow, all lead to learning. Astral and soul readings read the mind and intelligence and their different states, such as consciousness, unconsciousness, and subconsciousness and dream state.

In the ancient texts of Vedic India the mind is a part of the subtle body, the first covering of the soul, which is an energy of eternity, knowledge and bliss. In the material world, the soul takes on both a subtle body and a gross body. The subtle body is composed of ego,mind and intellect and has many names and frames, such as an astral body aura or auric field. The gross body is composed of bones guts and blood.

The soul travels this material world born in one body, dying only to be born again in new body that changes accordingly the karma lineage. The subtle body stays with the soul taking on impressions and information life after life.

Now comes the channel, channel of souls voice, which connects the gross to the subtle, terrestrial planes to the astral planes, revealing all essential openings to the universe of possibility, everything you come in contact with, becomes a priceless gem of wisdom, a lesson to be learned, truth to be understood and accepted as a gift of divine to you.

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