About Bhartte Kapoor

Bhartte Kapoor is a mirror to the human mind body and soul. She being a channel supports her readings with Vedic and New-age Numerology, Astral bodies and Elemental methodologies in sync with the standards definitions and symbology of divine Tarot card and magical numbers. Her Soul coaching gives higher awareness and balances Chakras, resolving all past and present life blockages at a physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and astral levels.

Bhartte Kapoor had fascination for occult and Metaphysical sciences since childhood, a staunch Devote of divine energy, being an evolved soul, her life transformed in 2003 when she first experienced her journey with a Tarot deck surrendering her inner self to the divinity. An initiate of her Master, she is truly blessed to be graced with psychic powers, amazing connect with Astral bodies and accurate use of magical numbers as guidance to thousands of human minds and souls.

Bhartte Kapoor, with more than one and a half decades into her blissful journey, masters various applied versions of the Soul coaching, healing streams, connect with the astral planes, divinely in Sync with her divine tarot readings and logical reasonings and role of numbers in our life. She holds high appreciation from people belonging to various spheres & walks of life.

Bhartte Kapoor strongly believes life as a magical choice.

All of our life is pre-written yet all can be re-written with the choices we choose. The credits graced to Bhartte’s healings & readings by her esteemed Querents is her intuitive perspective and potent creativity of energetic shifts at all levels – which allows her to touch, read and heal every energy around her and all the beautiful souls & entities.

Purpose of Soulz Voice by Bhartte Kapoor

Bhartte Kapoor is a divine channel who works with different spiritual, scientific and metaphysical modalities, the primary purpose is to clear not only the past lifetimes recurring issues but the present life's inner debris and create all of life into magical possibilities.